BSJ from E.Zimmermann

I plan to knit a BSJ from E. Zimmerman, but I haven` t the pattern. I saw a lot of pictures, therefore I knit this jacket for Barbie! It is not so complicate to knit this BSJ. I like the E. Zimmermann knitting- mode.

I want to knit this Jacket to my daughter Veronika with violet Alpaca, but first I want to be sure that I know how to knit this BSJ. I am very grateful to Newbie. Her pictures are very detailed and kinks! I have the book from E . Zimmermann : "knitting without Tears!" But in this book haven't pattern for Baby surprise Jacket!

This picture is about the tunic in progress. I prefer knitting, but she want the crochet tunic, the knitting stuff are more soft and more comfortable! But her wishes are my orders!

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sandra kaže...

Tak je slatko strikati za barbike - normalno ak' imas zahvalnu djecu!
AH, tunika - vjerovala ili ne tunike su mi najdraze za strikati!
P.S. Javim ti se predvecer glede maila!