The crochet bolero is finished ! There is not any back-pictures , therefore I photography myself in front of mirror. My dear blog-people:" I can not believe I am all alone! "
Everyone are going somewhere ! Even Tomy is out with grandma!
And I spend my precious moments blogging!
I can not remember when was the last time, when I was alone?
I love my family, but sometimes I think that I can not hear my own thoughts!

Petar went with his father to fishing! He was so excited! And now something more about crochet, I make a mini bag for mobile phone and tissues! I hope that the girl will be content! Now I must knit something for my oldest daughter! She wont some tunic! I have some Idea on my mind!
Salute until next entry!

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jewelry kaže...

Prekrasan kompletić! :)

DEA kaže...

HEJ!!!Bolero je super,torbica također ali...linjia(tvoja)je MRAK!!!

gocce & knitting kaže...

Hvala na pohvalama curke!

sandra kaže...

torbica je pun pogodak!
Uzivaj u samoci!

Anonimno kaže...

I know how you feel! When my 4 children were small, I felt like my life did not belong to me; but they grow so fast, and now my home is very quiet.
Tomorrow I will have 3 children visit for Mother's Day. My 4th child lives in Germany, I will speak with him when he calls on the telephone. I hope you enjoyed your quiet time and your knitting and crocheting...MaryAnn

drenka kaže...

bolero je super.interesantna boja

mish misho kaže...

Jako mi se svidja bolero. :)