Mans scarf

Yesterday I become a mail with pictures from "bignail"! This is my knitting- friend! He is student and enjoy in knitting.
although is almost summer, sometimes we nearly need scarf! This is a joke!
At as is very worm and we can from jacket dress on the swimsuit. There is no more the transitional period.
I was stroll of the theme! I will show you how great scarf did "bignail" knit!

I adore green and violet! isn't this color great? I like to see when mans knit!
Most jobs people part on mens and womens, I think this is wrong! Everyone has choice what to do?
I learn my children that every job has two sides and neither job isn't disgraceful to do!

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jewelry kaže...

Šal je vrlo lijep...
A ove fimo stvarčice, iz prethodnog posta, su prekrasne. :)

sandra kaže...

Bravo za Tomija! Moja Fanciska je prohodala u drugoj - prava mala ljenčina!