the socks are finished

I finished the socks, and the little model try to walk in this socks!
I think that he look adorable in this socks. I become this yarn from great people Jerry and Debby. You can visit their blog if you click here.
Now I try to knitt a lace showl. This shall be my first lace showl! My little son Tomy try to write this entry with me. He sit with me in the chair and all the time he try to type something.

This is all from me today!

3 komentara:

s.m. kaže...

ugodan dan sada sam amlo prije napisao ovako vrijeden ruke i VAŠA MAŠTA MOŽE SVAŠTA UGODAN DAN

romantales kaže...

Fakat brzo pleteš čarape, je da je za dječje stopalo, ali svejedno treba to isplesti. Brzinsko pletenje me u depru baca radi moje sporosti.

Jerry kaže...

The socks look so cute. And in my favorite color too. Thank you for all the kind words.

Jerry & Debbie